All your questions answered!

Do you have any questions about Attrace?

Drop us a line: info@attrace.com
What does DLT mean

Distributed Ledger Technology.

It is the basic framework of blockchain.

When will Attrace go live?

Please check Timeline in under DLT in main menu.

What is ATTR?

It is the Attrace token, which is used by Publishers, Advertisers and Witnesses to participate in the Attrace ecosystem. For more information please check DTL in main menu.

What is the theme color of this website?

Well obviously, it’s not easy being green. But we think we’re rocking it.

How did you guys come te be?

By sheer awesomeness of course. And coffee and beers.

Who made this website?

Rob from studio1902.nl did. He is available for hire.

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