How does it work?

What is affiliate marketing

  • In affiliate marketing, a Publisher (Affiliate) advertises a product or service from a Advertiser (Merchant). Only when the generated clicks / referrals / leads result in a sale does the Advertiser pay the Publisher a commission.
  • Payment based on sales achieved instead of display (pay per view) or Google (pay per click).
  • For now, affiliate marketing is only ~5% of the total online advertising market, predominantly due to technical and trust issues which concerns especially the middleman between the Publisher and Merchant: The Affiliate Network.
  • Affiliate Networks track all clicks / referrals / leads / sales and arrange all payments. In return they take a 10-25% cut of the commissions paid by the Merchant to the Publisher.
Affiliate networks

Attrace reinvents affiliate marketing

Attrace applies blockchain at the core of affiliate marketing by logging the agreement between the Merchants and Publishers and by linking a smart contract to every individual click generated by a Publisher, sale or no-sale. This approach makes a regulating middleman (Affiliate Network) obsolete.

Attrace Blockchain

No difference in User Experience

No difference in User Experience compared to current networks bar the game changing advantages.

  • User Interface of the online environment will be very similar to existing networks.
  • Commission payments will still be in fiat (normal currency) and triggered automatically (e.g. via Adyen).
  • There is no need for Publisher nor Advertiser to have any understanding about blockchain or the underlying consensus.

In case however you are interested in the underlying Attrace tech and how this fundamentally differs from existing networks, pleaseĀ check DLT.

Customer journey

Current affiliate marketing ecosystems
Attrace affiliate marketing ecosystem

To further understand the economics and or consensus behind Attrace, please check DLT.

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