Attrace specifications

Name Attrace
Token abbreviation ATTR
Blockchain consensus Delegated Proof of Stake
Language Golang (developed by Google)
Block size Relative to transaction volume (1MB holds ~3000-5000 tx)
Block time 750 ms – 1 second
Transactions per second ~15,000 (transfer of ATTR or clicks/leads – ON CHAIN)
Attrace added tech Private channels for direct encrypted information exchange
Network consensus time 30 seconds – 60 seconds
Total amount of ATTR 1,000,000,000

Github // Network Load Test Video

Testnet video of the Attrace blockchain

This video explains the basic methodology of the underlying Attrace blockchain tech.

Custom made blockchain developed from scratch in Golang with two main pillars:

(A) A public chain that stores unidentifiable verification hashes to track all clicks and sales; combined with

(B) private channels used for direct encrypted GDPR data / information exchange between end-users (Publishers and Advertisers).


User Interface demo video of Attrace

This video explains into detail the basics of the Attrace UI, including how this works / interacts with the underlying blockchain tech.

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