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Blockchain based affiliate marketing for Publishers

No more fraud

Smart contracts attached to every individual click cannot be manipulated, resulting in all statistics being the absolute truth.

No more transparency issues

Every individual click (sale or no-sale) will have a unique ID, resulting in fully reliable tracking of performance.

No more high network fees

Affiliate Networks charge 10-35% commission, Attrace reduces this to ~0.5%.

No more entry barriers

Long Tail and Emerging Markets acceptance will be based on reputation, not at the discretion of an Affiliate Network.

Faster and Real Value payments

Instant commission payout based on very precise definitions and if needed based on dynamic scaling.

Direct connection between Publishers and Advertisers

Direct communication between Publishers and Advertisers via advanced messaging board.

Intuitive, easy-to-use platform

State of the art User Interface, with all statistics shown guaranteed being the absolute truth (due to underlying blockchain tech) and a help desk for additional support.

Reach the Advertisers you want to promote via the Attrace network

In affiliate marketing a Publisher website advertises an Advertiser product or service. Potential customers are redirected via the Publisher website to an Advertiser product page. Only when this results in a sale does the Advertiser pay the Publisher a commission. This means that via the Attrace ecosystem a Publishers can partner with brands to promote their products and services to their audiences. Attrace can accomodate any sector: Retail, financial, telcom, insurance, broadband, or any other product or service with value for that matter.

What is Attrace

How it works

If you are a traditional Publisher, media partner, blogger, vlogger, owner of a page on social media or in any other way sharing content with an audience online, you can become a Publisher in affiliate marketing via the Attrace ecosystem.

  1. Sign up with the Attrace ecosystem
  2. Upload your Publisher details
  3. Connect with the Advertisers of your choice
  4. Promote the Advertiser proposition to your audience
  5. Get paid per Sale, Dowload or Lead generated for Advertisers
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Influencers are a great addition to the affiliate marketing mix. Whether you are part of an online magazine, a lifestyle blogger, a hobbyist, Youtuber, Instagrammer or running a successful Facebook page, you can become a Publisher in affiliate marketing and earn money by promoting brands to your followers. In case you are unable to use the basic affiliate links on certain platforms, or do not wish to use traditional tracking methods, you could opt for the voucher system.

How the Attrace ecosystem can help your publishing business

Find the right Advertisers

Browse the profiles of every Advertiser on the network. The profiles show, industry, conversion rates, overview of their programme and of course their Attrace reputation metrics. Attrace accomodates global and local Advertisers across all relevant sectors, from retail, to telco, insurance etc.

By clicking on an Advertiser profile, you can see the terms of their programmes, their goals and objectives, and often a summary of their business and brand perception. Within each Advertiser profile, you will also see statistics on approval percentage of sales as well as commission rates paid.

You have the opportunity to directly communicate with each Advertiser. Once approved by Advertiser onto each programme, you will have access to all the tools you need to promote that Advertiser, including link builder, creative, and promotional tools.

Link building

Attrace Cloudflare App: This browser extension enables very easy implementation of any affiliate link into your website.

Attrace marketplace

The Attrace marketplace enables Publishers to promote available promotional opportunities across your affiliate business via listing. Advertisers can easily see what is available by sector, opportunity or cost and contact you directly in case of additional questions, request or ideas.

The Attrace marketplace enables Advertisers to discover new Publishers to work with, and open conversations with them directly regarding their placement opportunities. The Attrace marketplace offers Publishers a space to advertise any placements, blogs, and sponsorship opportunities to Advertisers across the network from a centralised point, including details of reach, timing, cost and demographic relevance. Advertisers can use these to find and contact Publishers with key demographic bases or test new promotional methods.

Voucher attribution

Our voucher attribution feature allows Advertisers to partner with you via an exclusive code which you can share across your channels. You are then rewarded for all sales made using this code. An ideal solution for Influencers, whom are often unable to use the basic affiliate links, or do not wish to use traditional tracking methods.

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