1. Seller registers its digital asset, like for instance a NFT, on the referral marketplace.
  2. Seller deposits the bounty for selling his asset in the Attrace marketplace contract (on the native blockchain, like for instance Ethereum).
  3. Promoter decides he wants to promote this item. The contract mints a primary referral token, the promoter gets a landing page link to share with the potential buyers (hosted decentralised on IPFS)
  4. Buyer lands the landing page, the secondary referral token is minted and stored in the Attrace Verifier Nodes network. In order to claim a cashback (in the same currency as the digital asset that is sold), he needs to connect and sign through his crypto wallet.
  5. The digital asset is sold, and changes hands from seller to the buyer.
  6. The Attrace Verifier Nodes, a special decentralised observing network, notifies the change of hand.
  7. Based on the stored secondary referral token, the miner can calculate the promoter.
  8. Funds are released from the contract to both the buyer and promoter.