Why should I buy Attrace?

Not all blockchain initiatives have a convincing user case; most are still in development, some without a proper tech team; and very few have any real economic traction to be expected any time in the near future.

What is Attrace?

Attrace is the first fully decentralised affiliate marketing platform. Entirely custom made blockchain capable of registering and auditing any advertisement click on chain.

  • Complete transparency / attribution
  • Full trust
  • Fees reduced with ~95%

What is affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, a Publisher website advertises a Merchant product and directs the generated clicks/referrals towards the Merchant. Only when Merchants closes a sale it wil pay the Publisher a commission.

Arguably this should be the logical endpoint for a major part of all online marketing expenditures globally: Payment based on sales achieved!

For now, at ~5% market share ($13 Billion a year), predominantly due to technical and trust issues between the parties involved. This concerns especially the middleman between the Publishers and the Merchants: the Affiliate Network.

Affiliate Networks track all clicks/referrals/leads/sales generated and arranges all payments. In return they take a 10-25% cut of the commissions paid by the merchant to the Publisher.

Proposition: Attrace will revolutionise Affiliate Marketing

The Attrace platform applies blockchain technology to the core of Affiliate Marketing by linking a smart contract to every individuel click/referral generated by the Publisher, sale or no-sale

This approach makes a regulating Affiliate Network obsolete.


By tracking each and every individual click/referral, sale or no-sale, Attrace will be the first to solve the main problems of affiliate marketing:

No more fraud: Smart contracts attached to every click/referral cannot be manipulated resulting in all statistics being the absolute truth

No more tracking problems: Every individual click/referral will have a unique ID, resulting in fully reliable tracking of the Publishers' performance.

Very low fees: Affiliate Networks charge 10-25% commission. Attrace reduces this to ~0.5%.

Faster Real Value payments: Instant commission payout based on very precise definitions and dynamic scaling.

Connecting Publishers and Merchants directly: no Affiliate Network in between

No Merchant restriction: Long Tail and Emerging Markets acceptance will be based on reputation, not at the discretion of Affiliate Network.

Why Attrace is unique

Attrace is the only affiliate marketing blockchain project that tracks and attributes every individual click/referral of a prospect, sale or no-sale, which means insights and statistics which are impossible to manipulate. If you can't do that then using the blockchain for affiliate marketing in our view defeats the purpose. Not tracking all clicks/referrals means you cannot solve the main problems with affiliate marketing: tracking and trust issues.

Attrace is the only affiliate marketing project with a fully dedicated blockchain built from scratch (in Golang by Google), it is not a fork of anything. All other initiatives are using ETH which we believe in practice is not going to work (network speed problems, very high running costs and operational risk).

Attrace is a fully open network where all users can track at all times all registered clicks/referrals/leads/sales of all advertisements.

Live before end 2018 with instant market share already available via founders team resulting in immediate Attrace (ATTR) token usage by the actual end-users of the platform.

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