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Attrace Protocol

About Attrace

Attrace is a trustless Referral Protocol for web3. It empowers Word-of-Mouth marketing for all assets across the blockchain universe. The protocol is able to connect outreach (referral links) via any social channel, cross chain, cross web2/web3 and the Metaverse with true on-chain activity (e.g. Buy-and-Hold of crypto). It connects communities across various blockchains and platforms within a single ecosystem and unlocks rewards based on their true value added to a project.

In practice, the protocol enables crypto and NFT projects to incentivise referrals of their tokens, while rewarding those who contribute to their growth and adoption. Attrace App is envisioned as a referral marketplace where anyone can become part of the ecosystem and interact with the protocol, while direct integration and development of other decentralized apps will be possible in future, in an open-sourced manner.


Attrace is a trustless Referral Protocol for web3 that empowers “word-of-mouth” marketing for all assets across the blockchain universe

Vision and Mission

The Attrace team believes that “word-of-mouth” marketing drives significant value towards web3 projects and ecosystems. Further, it helps the space grow by fuelling mainstream adoption. Often, those who are active in the space, spread the word about the projects and tokens they believe in, or even recommend them to their communities, friends or family.

Web3 brings opportunities to channel value directly to those who contribute to the projects and to creators by “spreading the word” about them. Up to now, there has been no way to properly measure that contribution, the added value, and the reputation of the actors.

The Attrace mission is to create the first connected and trustless “word-of-mouth” ecosystem for web3. Whether communication happens via web2 channels (i.e., Twitter, Websites), web3 channels or  Metaverse, the protocol will be able to capture the value of “word-of-mouth” marketing that leads to web3 activity. The network of Oracles observes and captures the value of user acquisition in web3 that happens via link sharing (creating social graphs in web3).

The Attrace team envisions a future where web3 will be connected across multiple networks and social channels, and where many new asset classes will be tokenized. Furthermore, the team expects abundant opportunities for synergy with “word-of-mouth” marketing. Imagined and designed as a blockchain and token agnostic protocol, Attrace aims to unlock “word-of-mouth” marketing potential across the entire blockchain universe.

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