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Attrace Token

$ATTR is a native token of Attrace Referral Network. It is a utility and governance token, which gives token holders a right to participate in the network, govern the network and earn token rewards by staking.

Token info

  • Ticker: $ATTR
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Launch Date: 23 June 2021
  • Exchanges: Uniswap, SushiSwap, DFYN (Bittrex TBA)
  • Total Supply: $ATTR
  • Circulating Supply: 120.000.000 $ATTR
  • Contract Address: 0x44e2deC86B9F0e0266E9AA66e10323A2bd69CF9A

Exchange addresses ATTR-ETH pool/pair


The token is distributed across a number of segments to enable development, organic growth and promotion.

$ATTR Token forecast

Expected $ATTR Token Distribution in 30 Months


Vesting rules below apply to the different wallets and holders.

Pool NameToken AmountPool ShareVesting
Ecosystem Adoption100,000,00010.00%3 months locked - 12 months vesting
(transfer-out date)
Private Round One122,970,58812.30%6 months locked - 12 months vesting
Attrace Classic Contributors (2018)125,175,11712.52%12 months vesting
Team Allocation180,000,00018.00%6 months locked - 24 months vesting
Staking100,000,00010.00%Traction Based - vesting to be determined
Attrace Referral Farm100,000,00010.00%12 months vesting
(transfer-out date)
Referrals & Achievements50,000,0005.00%Traction Based - vesting to be determined
Advisors40,000,0004.00%6 months locked - 24 months vesting
Private Round Two67,800,0006.78%12 months vesting
Public Round (IDO)15,000,0001.50%n/a
Remaining Funding99,054,2959.91%n/a
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