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The development roadmap is shaped by integration and partnership opportunities consistent with the Attrace mission:

To unlock the value of Word-of-Mouth with a Referral Protocol for web3 assets.

Set out below are a number of key deliverables as currently envisioned by the Attrace team:

Attrace Protocol

2022 - now

Future Deliverables

  • Referral Farms app go live
  • Multi referred token farm
  • Attrace Referral Farm
  • NFT referral farms
  • SDK for UI integrations with partners
  • Refer to Farm for Airdrop
  • Identity fraud detection
  • Promoter Profile and Reputation
  • Referral farms on other EVM chains (i.e. BSC, Polygon)
  • Cross chain referrals
  • Public Oracle Network
  • Staking with Oracles

This page is being updated regularly by the Attrace team. Feel free to make suggestions by editing this page and push-in branch.

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