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Happy New Year

· 3 min read

We wish you all a fantastic 2023!

What a year 2022 has been. And what a journey Attrace has had so far. Short overview:

2018-2021 We identified there does not exist a performance based marketing solution for assets and services that are sold in a truly (!) decentralised environment. Arguably something of interest if you believe web2 will progress towards web3, with current online marketing spend already reaching an estimated $600 Billion p.a. and growing.

The team researched and tested anything related to performance based marketing to determine (invent) which methodology would solve the web3 use case.

We had to make some brutal decisions. Special mention would be canning the dedicated blockchain we originally started with, which we had been working on for years and which worked beautifully, but in our view would eventually not be the right solution for the web3 marketing endgame. That decision raised questions from any angle but we did it anyway 🫢

Eventually we pivoted from our own blockchain to a network of oracles that could “observe” any 3rd party blockchain.

2022 The year of do or die. The year of getting the MVP for web3 performance based marketing actually working. Let’s repeat this because for many this does not seem to sink in:

Getting performance based marketing working for assets and services that are in sold in a truly (!) decentralised environment.

After persevering for years we finally launched on June the 25th with referrals for ERC20 assets on a DEX. Fantastic achievement by our dev team. Great timing as by then we were already facing the mother of all crypto bear markets, however for us it was a great day regardless.

Because working the protocol did.

Since the launch, the protocol hasn’t missed a beat.

So what will 2023 look like? Rather exciting, as we’ve proven that the protocol works, we can now roll-out to any asset or service on any blockchain, roll-out to the whole of web3.

But we are not going to discuss that today. We decided to start the year with dumbing things down a little, to assure everybody truly understands what we are doing. So today no talk about our network of oracles, our tokenomics, governance or smart contracts etc., let’s go KISS:

Keep It Simple Stupid

Here’s a new video about the first vertical that the Attrace protocol is facilitating: Simply an affiliate program… but for a DEX.

Can’t make it simpler than that. All of you should understand referral programs because they are mainstream for CEXs. You can all make referrals for your Binance or Coinbase accounts. We are simply now for the first time making that possible for a DEX (e.g., Uniswap, Sushiswap etc.).

Let’s focus on that while we are working on the next verticals.

So with this we want to start 2023. For sure 2023 will be a rollercoaster again 💥

Thank you and once again very best wishes,

Attrace team

Erwin Werring
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