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· 6 min read

Release of Referral Farming and Mask Integration

As previously announced, the referral farming feature was released on Rinkeby and currently is in the testing phase. After a successful test on Rinkeby with Mask Network, the team will release Referral Farms on Ethereum. The launch of the Referral Farms will begin with a Single Token Referral Farms feature which will be available via the Mask browser plugin to its users on Twitter.

Upon the launch of the Referral Farms, this feature will be available for any project or protocol using Mask Network that is looking to incentivise and reward successful referrals of their token. The Attrace team is excited about this collaboration, given the very obvious synergy between both projects.

Roeland Werring
Nikola Stevanovic

· 2 min read

In the last product update, the Attrace team outlined its vision to evolve the web3 referrals towards “word of mouth” marketing for web3, in combination with the introduction of Referral Farms.

Since then, the Attrace development team has been working extensively on the product upgrades, and is now very close to releasing the first iteration that will set in motion a larger adoption of the Attrace protocol

Roeland Werring
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