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$ATTR Liquidity Provisioning

There is another way to receive reward while being a part of Attrace ecosystem, through a process called 'farming'.

In order to allow trading at, there needs to be enough liquidity in the market. This means that the liquidity pool of the tradable token pair needs to be filled. In the case of Attrace, it is the token pair ATTR-ETH, which can be found here.

If you are willing to provide liquidity, you can go to the farming page, and provide both ATTR and ETH to the pool. As ATTR has been approved to the ONSEN program, you will get double reward for the liquidity you provide.

  • $ATTR: Attrace allocated a reward of 86.000 ATTR per day to be divided among the liquidity providers. This means the current annual interest is above 100%
  • $SUSHI: As Attrace has been granted to the ONSEN program, Sushi gives away additional $SUSHI token to providers as well

Go to the farms page at, search for 'ATTR' and check what rewards you could earn!

For more information about how to provide liquidity, check the video below.

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