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Create Farm

Create a new referral farm to drive value towards your token. Choose the token you would like people to promote or recommend and set up the referrals. Provide the incentive by depositing the referral farming rewards, and invite your and other communities to spread the word about the token. The promoters and buyers will earn the rewards once tokens are being purchased.

  1. Go to referral farms in the app
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Create Farm
  4. Select a token for referrals (referred token)
  5. Select target redirect link
  6. Specify the reward token and the amount of daily and total rewards
  7. Continue to deposit the rewards
  8. Grant permission to smart contract and confirm transaction with your wallet
  9. Invite your community to start promoting/recommending the token
  10. Manage rewards (deposit more, adjust, withdraw rewards)
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